Born in Mainz, growing up & going to school close to Stuttgart & La Paz, Bolivia. Civil service in the Picardie in France before studying Law in Mainz, Paris and to some extent in Münster. I am an attorney specializing in international arbitration & commercial litigation, but chose to take a detour to the entrepreneurial and tech world. I co-founded the academic network platform Thesius that was sold to persona service AG as well as the legal tech & automation startup Lexalgo. I am a member to the Executive Faculty of the think tank-like institution Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, still spending free time and weekends on a PhD on legal informatics and data security. I lecture on IT-Law and Legal Technologies at the Frankfurt University, the intersection of law, technology and business is my core topic of research, work and speaking engagements. Intensity and speed of tech-startup-reality often dictate everyday life – fortunately, there is some time left for this eclectic collection of legal and entrepreneurial thoughts and finds.

I am a board member to a number of startup-companies, some of which I am also invested in. For a disclosure please contact me directly.

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